#0 Peter McCloskey

Nickname: Pete
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 165
Position: Cutter
Years w/ESN: A 2013-2015
Major: Chemical Engineering
E-mail: pcm17 AT pitt.edu

With arguably the best hair on the team, Peter McCloskey won the hearts of Pittsburgh the first day he brought his good looks to practice.

After showcasing his athleticism, size and work ethic, Peter proved to Pitt that he was more than just beautiful hair and nice diamond studs. Soon enough, he was a member of the squad and consequently a member of the long list of 6-footers Pitt showcased.

“Frisbee, to me, is something that I’m constantly trying to learn more about,” McCloskey said. “You hear people talk about being a “student of the game” and that’s really how I feel about Frisbee.”

Unfortunately, Peter had to deal with a series of injuries that kept him on the sidelines for much of Pitt’s ’13 season. Still, he contributed with his voice, a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. While on the sideline, Peter found a special player to look up to – one whose size is almost identical to Peter’s: Tyler Degirolamo.
“He was the most dominant player in college Ultimate the last two years,” McCloskey said. “How could you not look up to a guy that can sky the shit out of anyone on the field, throw full field hucks, run his defender into the ground, consistently shut down the best players in the country and do it every point if you need him to?”

Q: How would you describe your perfect date?

A: How a date turns out all depends on who you’re with, not so much what you’re doing. I’d say my perfect date would be with the perfect girl. Probably just doing something simple like getting dinner and afterwards going bowling or something interactive.

Q: How would you describe your worst date?

A: Bro, we’re talking about a date with me…how bad could it be?