#11 Marquis Cofer

Nickname: Muggatron
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 185
Years w/ESN: A 2014
Major: Undeclared
Hometown: Logan, Philadelphia
Former Teams:

  • What is ultimate? (Life)

E-mail: mnc AT pitt.edu

Rivaling Tranquillo for the shortest and latest response to the Pitt bios is Marquis Cofer. Fortunately, his tardiness in responding is no indication of his work ethic (apparently he just “never checks” his PITT email???).

You’ll see Cofer on the field for Pitt this year for several reasons, but the biggest one is a familiar and simple theme: his work ethic. That hunger drove Cofer to play through a torn MCL for much of the fall season despite captains and coaches encouraging him to shut it down. Apparently, his drive to get on the field against some players that weren’t his own teammates was strong enough that he was willing to play through his injuries.

Off the field, Cofer has been pleasantly surprised with the group of friends he’s met on the Pitt Ultimate team. He described his captains as “the best he’s ever had on a sports team” and described his teammates as “the only team I’ve ever been a part of where everyone is cool.”

When asked about looking up to current Pitt players, Cofer gave one of the most interesting answers I’ve heard: “I respect everyone but don’t look up to anyone.”

With a background in football and an ability to use his body in small spaces, look for Cofer to be the kind of defensive stud who takes out other team’s best handlers.

As for the outlook of the future, well, Cofer holds nothing back.

“Four years from now I see myself still talking trash but actually backing it up,” Cofer said. “Most Ultimate players that I’ve seen have better skills but they can’t run to save their lives. Running circles around dudes and throwing some hucks is going to be sweet.”

Despite having what was described as “the worst possible flick” one anonymous captain had ever seen, Cofer’s dream of throwing hucks isn’t far off: his development as a thrower has sky rocketed in recent months and Cofer is “definitely not the worst anymore.”

Q: You have one meal left on earth, what is it?

A: Last meal would definitely be a six-pack of Rolling Rock with a bag of sunflower seeds. Best combo out there.