#50 Dillon Tranquillo

Nickname: Dilbert Arenas, Tranqowski
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 160
Position: Defense
Years w/ESN: A 2014-2018
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Abington

Dillon Tranquillo, known to most as DT, is a senior D-line starter. DT is originally from Abington and grew up playing basketball for his high school team. When he came to Pitt, he and his older brother Vince started playing ultimate as a hobby, but it quickly grew on him as he evolved to be an elite player.

DT’s athletic prowess is a natural phenomenon and attracts attention whenever he sets foot on the ultimate field. He has a mind-boggling 38-inch vertical leap, but can only squat 245 lbs. He is the one of the fastest sprinters on the team, but never finishes first in long-distance track workouts. For these reasons, he is widely considered the 8th wonder of the world for his (super)natural athletic abilities. How is this possible? Superpowers. That’s the only logical explanation, honestly.

On the weekends, DT enjoys going out with friends and being social. If his dashing looks and charming personality aren’t enough to impress the ladies, a video of him ferociously slamming down a dunk on the basketball court often does the trick. Rumor has it, it was actually DT who stunt-doubled for Nate Robinson when he dunked over Dwight Howard in the 2009 Slam Dunk Contest.
During his first three years on the team, DT has suffered from a condition known as “layoutophobia”, which is an irrational fear of laying out for the disc (wait seriously? Yeah seriously). Recently, however, during a game of frisbee golf with a teammate, he miraculously overcame this fear. Dressed in khakis and high on adrenaline, he practiced laying out on wet grass over the course of an hour. Watch out everybody, if DT is within five feet of the disc, expect to see him come soaring in for the layout grab.

This season, DT has committed to becoming the best player he can be. Whether it’s getting in more conditioning and lifting sessions every week, teaching younger players some advanced concepts on defense, or serving your large caramel white chocolate macchiato at Dunkin’ with a genuine smile, DT is dedicated to Pitt Ultimate, that’s for sure. Coming off a hip injury which kept him sidelined during all of the fall season, DT is excited to put in all the necessary work this spring season to become the best defender in the nation – which is well within his grasps.

Dillon Tranquillo wins the award for shortest responses to the bio questions. Miraculously, he answered a series of questions that totaled 35 words with a series of responses that totaled 49 words. Not only that, but he was the last player on the team to respond to the questions – usually indicative of a lengthy response coming, but in this case quite the opposite. I’m certain that this must be some kind of record. When asked by captain Trent Dillon why he was so curt with me, Tranquillo responded with a fairly memorable quote:

“Yeah…well…I’m not sure how I feel about Isaac so I didn’t really wanna put too much time into it.”

The questions, and his answers, in the order that they appeared:

Q: What inspired you to wear gloves?

A: I’m not very good at catching the disc, and gloves help.

Q: What was your favorite moment of the Fall season?

A: My favorite moment of the fall season was the Blue vs. White (Gold?) scrimmage during tryouts.

Q: What Pitt player do you look up to the most?

A: Trent. He claims to be the best at defense and I still haven’t even seen him play.

Q: You have one meal left on earth, what is it?

A: Market.

Some other notable things about Tranquillo: He’s one of the best athletes to come through Pitt’s Ultimate program since Tyler Degirolamo. He’s turned heads with his 38-inch vertical leap and his ability to stay on Marcus Ranii-Dropcho’s back throughout a track workout. As captain Trent Dillon put it, he’s almost certainly got the best 200-meter time on the team.