#17 Matthew Hanna

Nickname: Buster
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 160
Position: Combo
Years w/ESN: A 2015-2018
Major: Physics
Hometown: Pennsylvania
Former Teams:

  • Hampton High School (2010-2014)
  • Pittsburgh Impulse (2012-2014)

E-mail: matt3ace07 AT gmail.com

According to the Chinese Zodiac calendar 2016 was the year of the monkey and 2017 was the year of the rooster. But ladies and gentlemen, 2018 is the year of the Matt. This six-foot-tall hunk is what every man on campus inspires to be. Devilishly handsome, well mannered, intellectual, and the biggest pinball fan in all of South Oakland. Coming off of last year with an unfortunate ankle injury, Stat Hanna is coming back for blood.

Matt began his ultimate career as a Talbot at Hampton High School where the weak Pittsburgh area competition gave him more time to focus on his Frisbee skills and growing his brain. As high school continued, and his brain began to grow at an almost impossible pace, he soared from being an average student to having one of the most elite minds in all of Western Pennsylvania. With his newfound knowledge of the world he discovered what would be his famed move, the polar opposite cut. He brought his knowledge, his handsomeness and supreme Frisbee skills to his hometown school to play for Pitt Men’s Ultimate for Boys. Here, he has established his reign. Dominating one the field, making his defenders look silly and skying the earth every opportunity he gets.

On a casual Monday night, you could find Matt listening to Billy Joel and playing some legend of Zelda with his biggest supporter and best friend Dylan Best. But watch out for Tuesday nights. The line outside of G Door curling down and around the corner in South O is all because of one man and the best karaoke performance you can see on the east side of the Mississippi. Frat Hanna, “The Paralyzer” is who they are all there to see.

Matt is a friend to all, a hard worker, and a great teammate and has been a leader on the team due to his determination to always strive for greatness. He is excited for the 2018 season for a chance to make another run for glory. Hatt Manna wants everyone to know “Pie express is the best deal in all of Oakland”. Hopefully if you are lucky enough you will be able to catch a nice market breakfast with him and hear his beautiful rendition of “take me out to the ball game” in the Bates household.

Matt Hanna, otherwise known as Hat Manna, Frat Manna, and Buster, was brought to our very Earth on February 9th. On this day, the unstoppable king of polar opposite deep cuts was born. This is in fact 1 year and 12 days before his soon to be very tall roommate Noah “Big Cat” Robinson #21(TM). Anyway, I digress from Buster’s life story.

Hat Manna is what we consider a “true” Pittsburgher. He was born and raised just north of Pittsburgh and has resided in this astounding place his entire life. He is as well, a hardcore and passionate Steelers fan.

On the field, Frat Manna is super duper fast. He is unstoppable due to his 7 years of pure Ultimate Frisbee experience. He has grown a talent of dicing up the field and leaving defenders in the dust. He also has a monster cannon that can hit any receiver in stride. He is one of the most passionate players on Pitt Ultimate.

In the gym, Buster busts iron and destroys track workouts. If you’re lucky he will occasionally tell you the story of how he was the one of the fastest track runners on the team his freshman year.

Off the field, Hat Manna is an amazing dude to get to know. He is very passionate about everything from concerts, to TV shows, to school, to getting better at ultimate. An amazing quality Matt has is he will tell you his opinion straight up with no bias. This is great for on field feedback. His positive energy is great to have around because just looking at Matt can hype you up. He is always smiling and having a good time.

This year Matt is looking forward to creating a name for himself as an unstoppable cutter on O-line. Matt is so excited that he had surgery on his ankle to make it stronger. Some might call him part cyborg. He will be returning towards our last regular season tournament with a fire in his eyes and more ankles to break. In a post injury interview, Matt stated,

“I was tired of breaking other people’s ankles, so I broke mine instead.”
-Wayne Gretzky
-Michael Scott
-Matt Hanna