#28 Sam Jennings

Nickname: Dark Lord
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 175
Position: Cutter
Years w/ESN: B 2015, A 2016-2018
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Narberth, PA
Former Teams:

  • Lower Merion High School
  • Pitt B

E-mail: sjj22@pitt.edu

Sam Jennings is in his last year playing for En Sabah Nur. His veteran skillset has helped him become a top cutter on the O-line often skying the other team’s best defender. Jennings was told at the beginning of the season to play a certain role for the O-line and he has embraced that role and blossomed nicely. For the last two years, Jennings played on the D line as a cutter, but as soon as he was moved over to play offense, he was ready to go. Jennings took it upon himself to get open on every in and deep cut. I am sure many of our highlights will have Jennings making an unbelievable catch.
When Jennings is off the field, he loves to just hang out. He is a nice guy and always cool to hang around. He loves playing Fortnite, and just hanging out with the team. Even at the hardest of practices, Jennings is always having a good time and making funny comments. If you ever get the chance to say hi, do it.

Hailing from Lower Merion, PA, this fine young man came to high school eager to perform athletically. Excelling specifically at basketball, he hoped to one day be drafted by the NBA and play in front of millions. No, I’m not talking about Kobe Bryant. This is the infinitely more famous Samuel Jennings.

After realizing that basketball was a silly sport full of tall men and women running back and forth on a small wooden court chasing an over-sized bouncy ball, he decided to play ultimate Frisbee, a sport in which a bunch of men and women run back and forth on a big grass field chasing a flat piece of plastic. Clearly the better choice. Starting in his sophomore year he was an instant prodigy, skying foolish boys (both short and tall) and being generally athletic and defensively dominant all over the field. If you get a chance, ask to see his superman socks because they have flowing red capes, and flowing red capes are cool.

After taking a gap year in Israel (of which he has many hilarious stories that I only wish could be recorded here) Sam came to Pitt a changed man, ready to take on the college ultimate scene. He played for Pitt’s B team his freshman year and then made it onto the A team the following fall, and he is now entering his second year on the team as a junior. His athleticism and disc skills are just as impressive as ever, so look out for #28 as he continues to sky short and tall men and get layout d’s.

Off the field, Sam is respectfully referred to as the Darkest of Lords (“Dark Lord” for short), and is also known for putting it all out there during track workouts. He is also one of the most laid back players on the team. He radiates coolness, constantly has a smile on his face and always appreciates a good joke. He’s full of energy and life and is a great guy to hang around with. Or have an in-depth discussion about the meaning of life. Or tell a hilarious story about his life experiences. The list goes on.

But don’t let his off-field charm or chill attitude fool you. On the field he gives 100% effort, chasing down every disc and sacrificing his body on defense. And on the sideline, Sam is consistently the loudest one cheering and talking. I don’t think he’s been to a tournament where his voice hasn’t been hoarse by Sunday. Look out this season for Sam Jennings; or, maybe, look up at his smiling face as he skies the crap out of you.