#88 Jack Slevin

Nickname: Slevdawg Millionaire, HDJ
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 155
Position: Handler
Years w/ESN: A 2016-2017
Major: Accounting and Finance
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Former Teams:

  • Fox Chapel Area High School
  • Pittsburgh Impulse
  • Dire Wolf, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Oregon Ego, Eugene, OR
  • Rhino, Portland, OR
  • Temper, Pittsburgh, PA(2015 Worst Team in America)

Dating Status: James Greeno
E-mail: jgslevin AT gmail.com

May 13th is a special day. It is the day that the world was blessed with a champion. One of the most outspoken, passionate and fiery individuals it has ever seen – Dennis Rodman. Dennis Rodman reminds me of a nice fellow I know named John Slevin, better known as Jack. Dennis Rodman and Jack Slevin share more than just the same birthday and fiery on-field persona’s. Both of them are champions. Rodman won three championships with the Chicago Bulls in the 90’s while Jack Slevin won a Pennsylvania state championship in ultimate with the illustrious Fox Chapel Foxes. Go Foxes!

Clearly, Jack was a winner in high school. Being the selfless leader that he is for our team, he is always the one giving out awards so I think it is time for Jack to get the yearbook superlatives that he has truly earned and to prove that he really didn’t peak in high school.

-Strongest Dad
-Best Mustache (RIP)
-Smartest student in his Markets and Trading course
-Biggest Duke fan that never went to Duke
-Most likely to kick someone from the GroupMe
-Most likely to kick Ben Morgenstern from the GroupMe and forget to add him back
-Best Yinzer accent
-Most likely to tell a non Steelers fan “6 raaaaaaangs!”
-Most plates consumed at Prince of India
-Most nights slept on the couch at Ward
-Undefeated in the Gauntlet
-Most ATM trips
-Mixtape of the year as Young Tinkle
-Most likely to get top heavy from doing too many ‘shups
-Stankiest car
-Most knowledgeable on the ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1791

We are all very excited to have Jack as a captain this year and for him to end his college ultimate career at Pitt with a bang. Rumor has it he’s going to pay tribute to his idol Dennis Rodman at nationals this year by dying his hair green and piercing his nose, so be on the lookout for that.

True Two > Big Three