#37 Rich Coker

Nickname: Fraggle
Height: 6′
Weight: Too Little
Position: Constant Crisis
Years w/ESN: A 2002-2006
Major: History / Philosophy
Hometown: Yardley, PA
Former Teams:

  • RUN, Pittsburgh Men’s (2004)
  • Moonshine, Seattle Coed (2007 Series, 2008-2011 Recreational)
  • Shadrach, Seattle Mixed (2008)
  • Outlaw, Seattle Men’s (2010)
  • Voodoo, Seattle Men’s (2011)
  • Freeze, Seattle Mixed (2015-16)

E-mail: fraggle37 AT gmail.com

Fraggle is a cornerstone of the foundation of Pitt Ultimate. He has been a visionary and craftsman of the team’s future from the moment he joined the team. He has served on the team’s decision-making body since its inception, and has been one of the most influential players in shaping the team. During his four years thus far with the team Fraggle can be said to personify many types of dedication. He has sacrificed many aspects of his personal, academic and social life in order to be able to dedicate more of his time and efforts to the team. Fraggle has taken this team as his family and he has treated us as such, with the utmost importance, caring, committment and faithfulness.

*Bio courtesy of Sean McComb

Fraggle first learned ultimate from free spirits; it shows in his attitude towards the game. Fueled by an insatiable desire for comraderie, Fraggle is often seen chatting with his defender. Then he proceeds to get open, break the mark, and streak downfield for the score. No matter how much he abuses you on the field, he’ll always give you a smile and a hug at the party. The founder of Fragglism, a Spirit of the Game/Buddhist/Taoist spiritual philosophy.

For Fraggle, Spirit of the Game comes first. Winning isn’t worth it if the other team walks away muttering under their breath. SOTG and the foundations of Ultimate are more than aspects of a game, they’re guiding principles for life. Respect your fellow man, Call it as you see it but defer to the Best Perspective, the Beginning and the End require Finesse but the Middle is a matter of Persistence, Play in the Present point not the Last or the Next, and most important.. Have Fun!!