#2 Henry Novara

Nickname: Hank
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 170
Position: Cutter
Years w/ESN: B 2016-2017, A 2018
Major: Political Science, Italian
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Former Teams:

  • Allderdice (2015)
  • Impulse (2015)
  • Slag Dump (2016)

Dating Status: single 😉

This is Henry’s first year playing for En Sabah Nur. He is one of the few to move up from the B team, and has done so in spectacular fashion. Hank dominates when his name is called often being the one to get a layout D, or a big gaining incut. Henry also brings his veteran experience and positive sideline presence to the team. He is often the loudest teammate on the sideline, and has helped our team grow extremely fast this year.
Hank embraces his Italian background and often is seen cooking up some Italian dish to serve. He has been told that his new haircut makes him look like an angry Italian man, but Hanks embraces the look. If you see Henry picking up some groceries for his next Italian dish, be sure to ask if you can come over and eat.