Years w/ESN:

You can find Jacky getting swole at the Pete, stretching and moaning on a yoga mat in the living room of Ward Street, food shopping, playing Battlefield in the penthouse, or at his post in Pitt’s Neuromuscular Research Lab. If you find him somewhere else please notify us because he’s probably lost.
Jacky has embraced his role as manager for the squad from day 1. His responsibility behind the camera might be something new to him, but at least he tries his best. His nuances to filming include yelling things he thinks will help, rotating the camera with jerky motions, and stayed zoomed in for too long. He famously said, “When I’m filming you guys I just yell ‘Stay tight! Stay tight!’ as much as possible. I don’t actually know what it means, but I heard other people say it before and I like contributing”
Jacky is the kind of person who puts his heart into everything, whether that filming games, working on his body, or raging at his physics homework. He also has an incredible will to learn, he is always asking questions…about everything. Over the past couple months he has picked up and incredible amount of ultimate knowledge, and I know he is going to be helpful in many ways this season.
Overall we know that when games come down to big moments well be glad to have Jacky on the sideline keeping the players on and off the field focused, energetic, and sometimes even laughing.