#5 Jon Harden

Nickname: Jon, Jon H., Old Man Harden
Years w/ESN: A 2004, B 2005
Major: (Creative Nonfiction)
Hometown: Baltimore / Pittsburgh
Former Teams:

  • Run, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Love Bomb, Pittsburgh, PA

E-mail: jonharden AT gmail.com

After my first year playing with ESN, I played in the RUN system for the summer and fall series, which really helped improve my skills. Early in the summer a bout with Malaria caused me to lose a lot of the weight I had gained over the prior year, and a pesky groin injury in the early fall kept me from playing as much as I’d have liked to, but I’ve since gained the weight back (and then some) and mostly rehabbed the groin injury. I’m determined to not only maintain my title as fastest (and oldest) player on ESN, but also to continue to improve my skills.

So I’m a little bit older than some of the team, and a LOT older than the rest of the team. I was an Electrical Engineering student at Penn State off and on for a lot of years until I finally got fed up with it. I dropped out frome Penn State for the last time to finally figure out what I actually wanted to do. After three years of working, first in a ski-shop and later in an office job in the “real world,” I was fired. After nine glorious months of UEC and one REALLY bad night (it’s a funny story–ask me about it sometime), I decided it was time to go back to school. So here I am.

As far as Ultimate goes, I started playing about a year ago when I was recruited into Pittsburgh’s first Fall League by some players I met at my corner bar (on Karaoke night, no less). After Fall League I didn’t play again until Summer League, and from there I was encouraged to play for En Sabah Nur.