#69 John Johnson

Nickname: The obvious…JJ
Years w/ESN: B 2006-2007
Major: Business – Marketing
Hometown: Washington, DC
Former Teams:

  • Wilson SHS, Washington, DC (2004-2005)
  • Daegu Tsunami, Daegu, South Korea (2010-Present)

E-mail: johnwjohnson0 AT gmail DOT com

Playing with Pitt last year was absolutely amazing. Not only did I learn a lot from all the great players of our team, but I also had one of the best experiences of my life. Seeing the faces of the Edinboro team after we eliminated them from regionals contention was priceless and recapped a great season, filled with many more ups than downs. This season, I have been plagued with injuries, but I am not letting that lessen my spirits. Both the A and B teams have so much potential to make noise come championship series time and I am looking forward to continue doing my part to help the team dominate.

During my junior year of HS, I discovered Ultimate. Me and a few of my buddies started playing recreationally and eventually, we were playing every free minute we had. Our school offered a newly started program (Partially created by Camilo Ward..props!), so I decided to join the team and be part of something new, despite my lack of knowledge of the sport. We held practices with only 10 people, but slowly and surely started growing in skill and team unity. Without the necessary experience, however, we had a disappointing season, which was intensified by the loss of a heavy majority of our team and our two coaches. What most people would look at as the end, I looked at as a start. I assumed team captain role with a friend and we took control of the teams destiny. Although we hit a ton of pitfalls, we were able to recruit 15 people and scrounge up the necessary finances to re-join our local league, WAFC. I look back on what turned out to be a great season filled with fun and intense games, and am proud to say the team is still fighting strong today. That’s what Ultimate is about.