#6 Stu Kellner

Nickname: Stu, Stuart
Years w/ESN: A 2004-2007
Major: Engineering
Hometown: Ligonier, PA
Former Teams:

  • All teams Pittsburgh

E-mail: stk29 AT pitt DOT edu


  • 2007 Metro East All-Region (Senior)

I started playing ultimate in the spring of my freshman year after some friends convinced me to come out to practice. 3 years, 2 knee surgeries and many other injuries later brought me to this point. This team is a passion of mine and the continuing growth and success is something everyone on the team takes pride in.

Pitt Ultimate – 5 in ’06, ’07, ’08…….

2007 Metro East All-Region
Stu is a legend. He is the best defender I’ve ever seen and perhaps the best player Pitt has produced and the Region recognized him in 2007, years too late in my opinion. We called Callahans the Kellner after Stu. My freshman year, Stu received cortisone shots directly into his knee in order to keep playing with all of his heart and soul for En Sabah Nur. After Nationals, our Coach Weasel set him apart as the standard of Pitt Ultimate, and defined Stu as what it means to be a warrior. Stu had the knees of an 60 year old man at 20, due to arthritis, yet he played through unimaginable pain for his senior season. That he was physically unable to play again after having surgery in 2007 is one of the saddest and most regrettable events that has occurred to me in my stint at Pittsburgh, though Stu has bounced back better than I with off the cusp 100 mile bike rides and hiking to satisfy his pure physical desire for exercising harder than anyone else. I thank Stu for all of the hard work and pure grit that he showed me, it remains truly inspirational.

Stu was Captain of En Sabah Nur in 2007 and Coach/Videographer in 2008 before leaving for Serbia.

Stu graduated as a Civil Engineer in 2008, and worked with a branch of United Steel. He spent the last 6 months in Serbia, and is now back in Pittsburgh searching for work. It is one of my hopes that he stays in this city, because he tells the best Oktoberfest story I’ve ever heard.