#28 Roger Zeng

Height: 5’6″
Weight: 140
Position: Cutter
Years w/ESN: A 2021-2023
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Herndon, Virginia
Former Teams:

  • Rutger Colege (2022)

E-mail: roz30@pitt.edu

It was May 28th, 2022. Roger was getting the first play time of his ultimate career. He had only one goal: make a name for himself. 15 seconds later, Roger realized that he may have gotten what he wished for. Everyone remembers the announcer saying “It appears that an En Sabah Nur player has been hit by the pull!” It was, after all, the day that Roger Zeng became a household name. But how did he get there?

Roger was a renowned Hearthstone and League of Legends player in high school, feats that earned him the superlative of “Most Likely to Become a Pro Video Gamer” from his classmates. He was not content, however, to be the best gamer on the planet – he wanted to be the best athlete ever too! Due to his height of 5’1, Roger had to settle for playing ultimate frisbee. Despite not being able to complete a pass of over 10 yards, Roger stumbled his way onto En Sabah Nur. Many people hypothesize that Roger’s 10 year old younger brother has a better flick huck than him; however, his teammates can confirm that this is true. Roger would spend 99% of his season on the bench, before a breakout performance at nationals (1 goal, 3 turnovers and getting scored on by UConn.) As a result, he was highly sought after for his first club season, earning a spot with prestigious team Rutger Colege. With Colege, Roger put up 3 dropped pulls and turfed a reset on universe to lose against Adelphos. His game is best characterized by turning it on the goal line then putting his head in his hands, matching up with the worst opposing player possible, and scoring on teams outside the top 25 in power rankings.

Nowadays, Roger spends his time between 4 activities: gaming, ignoring his friends’ requests for him to go outside, lifting, and listening to C-tier K-Pop artists. If you’re lucky enough to have a conversation with him, you can expect self-degrading comments, sarcastic positivity and at least one blank expression. Roger’s hard-working nature, funny yet humble personality, and radiant sideline presence has earned him respect from both teammates and opposition alike. All of us at Pitt are very excited to see Roger catch his first pull ever this season!