#2 Sean McComb

Nickname: McComb
Height: 2
Weight: 2
Position: 2
Years w/ESN: A 2002-2006
Major: English Literature
Hometown: King of Prussia, PA
Former Teams:

  • RUN, Pittsburgh, PA 2004-2005
  • Truck Stop, D.C./Baltimore, 2006-2011, 2 Quarterfinals, 2 Mid-Atlantic Championships, 5 Nationals Appearances

E-mail: seanmccomb AT gmail DOT com


  • 2006 Metro East All-Region (5th Year/Grad)

“Rarely in life do you really get the genuine opportunity to aspire for something at the top, number one. And yeah, when you’re growing up you’re fed this basic crap about how important it is to finish number one. But what was so special about the tide is that everyone around you was dedicated to finishing number one and the more you gave to the team, the better you felt about yourself and so when you don’t finish number one its hard.

But it was the opportunity to be able to be so dedicated and aspire and believe that was really special. All of it was for a cause and all of it was so fun. It was so great to be giving of myself and making myself better not just for myself, but for the team.

If you join this team its part of a unique family. And I’m so thankful for it. There is no individualism. This sport, this team, is like no other. To be able to stand with a group of guys that are so dedicated and work so hard with you. I mean, the blood the sweat the tears the rage the intensity. You don’t get that in life. I mean, this is what life is. This is what people dream to live their lives about. To just be so dedicated and be warriors for a day.

I made some of the best friends of my life. I was able to work hard, to win, to lose, to stand together and in the end be able to say: it was some of the best four years of my life. It’s so special, when everyone is together with you, that I enjoyed the climb.”

-Dan Schneider on UCSB’s run in 2001. I couldn’t sum up my feelings toward my team any better.

“When I joined this team there was no pride. We got beat, regularly; and because of that were got beat down psychologically. There were games in which we never came to compete, and players who didn’t care if we won or lost. Pitt Ultimate is now a team that refuses to be a doormat or a cakewalk for any team at any level. We play as a team and we battle- every tournament, every game, every point, every cut and throw. We dont always win; but if you’ve beaten us, you have earned it. We are a team with pride in what we do and where we have come from and we simply try our hardest all the time. If that is the one thing that stays behind when I leave this team, I will have no regrets. Battle.”
-Sean McComb

As a freshman, Sean McComb’s personal highlight reel included a releasing a high release into a defender’s chest. Since that time, Sean has become the epitome of hard work, heart, desire, and on-field fashion. Outside of playing ultimate, Sean’s spend his time learning how to be better than you at ultimate and how to do the same with his team. Supposedly, he also does a little schoolwork, but we can’t figure out how or when. His desire to dominate others is only shadowed by his desire to have the most fashionable look of the season. At 2003 Western Pennsylvania Sectionals, Sean’s unique apparel and ability to make a zone d look Swiss cheese allowed the team to qualify for their first ever Metro East Regionals and won him En Sabah Nur’s 2003 Sectionals MVP. Currently, Sean is studying abroad in London, figuring out exactly how it is possible to break your foot in the same spot three different times three different ways, and how to mend those breaks in time for the 2004 season.

Written by Brody

I have been playing Ultimate for three years. I have had some of the greatest players in the Mid-Atlantic help me to learn my position. Everyday I work harder to make myself a better player, to make Sabah a better team, and to make Pitt Ultimate a better program. I push my teammates to excel on the field, I push them to get their shit together off the the field so that they can continue to get back on the field. I AM a dick. I will push you to work harder everyday that you are on my team, and you will be a better player for it. I love the feeling of winning and I absolutely despise losing, and that is why I play, to win. As a captain I only ask that you dedicate yourself 100% to constant self-improvement and battle every point, that is how we will become champions.

An old man once said, “Go West young bison.” (well, probably….there are a lot of old men. Think of the chances.) So that’s what I did. I fled the capitalism capital of the state and came to the Ultimate mecca that is Pittsburgh in search of independence, and a 175gram round piece of plastic. I have found both in abundance. The independence provided by my father and his tuition payments, and the frisbee’s and opportunity to use them were procured by one William “Brody” Brotman. Thus far most of my time has been spent running after that spinning disc or throwing it to someone else in hopes of running after it again. Somewhere along the line I got roped into this deal where I have to bother people to give me money. Then I have to not lose it for HOURS AT A TIME. Finally, I give it to Brody so that his van doesn’t get stuck on the turnpike and all of the people that have been exposed to Phill’s buttocks over the years don’t have the opportunity to attack us (and you know they’d all be right there…you know). And what do I, the ropee, get out of all of this? So far, I’ve gotten out of carrying Phill’s beer. Woo-friggin-hoo. But actually, im not bitter. Nope. Because I also get some quazi-leadership out of it, and I have goals for us, I do. And plans. But no one ever suspects the quiet one…..no….never…..

2006 Metro East All-Region
Sean McComb came into Pittsburgh at 250 pounds, overweight and with no previous experience with Ultimate; he came into a fledgling program that had never made Regionals in its 5 year history and was part of the team that made it for the first time in the 2002-2003 school year. Sean held the role of President that year, and the following season Sean was elected captain as a junior along with Rich “Fraggle” Coker. That 2003-2004 season, Pitt failed to return to Metro East Regionals. Sean had battled adversity all year, with an early injury that left his foot broken and his ability to play out of the question until the very end. However, Sean being the person and leader that he is, led En Sabah Nur in the 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 seasons to unprecedented success through unimaginable desire. One year after not making Regionals, Sean McComb brought Pitt not only to Regionals, but Nationals as well. There was a Core of Discovery which operated based on the principle of doing whatever is needed to improve, including 6 a.m. track workouts; there was will to go to WUFF camp during Spring Break to improve; and there was the foundation of what would become Pittsburgh, The Program, set in the amazing ethic of Sean and his players. The first year Pitt made Nationals we did not have an All Region representative. The second year, the Region was forced to recognize him, for his fire left them no choice.

I didn’t have the privilege of playing with Sean McComb, but I’ve had the privilege of reading his inspiring words to the 2005 team many, many times. I’ve had the fortune to meet the man, talk and share thoughts with him. From the Cathedral lawn to Columbus, he led every step of the way.

Since graduating, McComb became an English teacher in Baltimore at Patapsco HS, as well as faculty at Towson, and became a player and Captain for Truck Stop where he has impacted the Club scene with his solid lefty handling almost as much as he changed Pittsburgh Ultimate.

-Written by Eddie Peters