#20 John Scheeser

Nickname: Cheese
Years w/ESN: A 2004, B 2005-2007
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Penn Hills, PA
Former Teams:

  • Dick and Jane, Kansas City, MO

E-mail: scheeser AT gmail.com

This year I will push myself harder then I ever have. My first two years on this team I didn’t really have the desire to push myself to excel in this sport. I think after seeing the overall success of this team in the ’05 College Series really opened my eyes to what it takes. It seems recently I can’t think about anything more than the sucess of En Sabah Nur and what I can do to contribute to that sucess.

“The only ceiling on your potential is that which you place on yourselves. Dare to accomplish great things in this sport, to dream big and to make a sincere decision to pursue those dreams.” -Sean McComb

Eventually there comes a time in every young man’s life when he needs to leave the parental bubble and set forth in this strange world. So I set forth from Penn Hills in the pursuit of enlightenment and some good disc. Luckily I have found both in mass quantities here at Pitt. I have come to the realization during my time with Sabah Nur that my game is in need of a little improvement…actually…a lot of improvement. So I look forward to a lot of hard work this season. As far as inspiration I rely on the words of the great Brody, “Cheeser, catch the disc!”, that quip runs through my head every time I step on the field (because we all know catching the disc is prime while playing Ultimate). In life always strive for God, good times, and good disc, everything else isn’t all that important.