#7 Chris Tabakin

Nickname: Young Blood
Height: 5
Weight: 11
Years w/ESN: A 1999-2000
Major: Special Education and Psychology
Hometown: West Chester, PA
Former Teams:

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E-mail: mctabakin7 AT cs.com

I came to Pitt never having played ultimate player and was taught the ropes by the one and only Doughboy (John Bain) and the rest of the crew, Brody, White, Chicken, La Machina (Deitrick), Stroker, Paulos, Details, The Twin Towers, Kevlar, and one crazy man Tony. Having no initial knowledge of ultimate I brought a few qualities that became helpful as I learned the craft, namely I was one fast youngin’. I could run and run fast. I was able to learn fairly quickly to catch the disc, which proved helpful I guess. After my first year at Pitt I transferred and only played with En Sabah a few other times when they were in my area and during a pathetic display of my out-of-shapeness during an alumni game. I am doing sit-ups right now as I type this rest assured. Since then I have gotten back more of the old “Young Blood” stamina. My only regret for leaving Pitt was not being able to continue to play ultimate with En Sabah. Bain-I astound and your doughnuts disgust. Plus, everyone knows that John Bain’s……. let’s all say it together now……. White- Yeah, she still married me. No, I am not…stop asking and no more books, and yes your still transparent. Brody- You are the reason I wake up every morning and live my life. Wait, no your not. But you are still one of the greatest guys I have ever met, part gazelle and part monkey. Paulos/AP- I never knew what the heck you were talking about half the time, but you were one of the funniest guys I knew. Chicken- I still get nauseous from your mealtime stories, but laugh nonetheless. You helped me realize I was young. Stroker/Rabbi- You taught me the Zen art of picturing catching the disk before I actually did. This helped since I tended to overrun the throws.

Favorite Pitt Ultimate Moment:
El Camino, El El Camino, The front is like a car, the back is like a truck. Brody and I hucking a disc ourselves and then trying to run and catch our own discs. Playing in the mud in Ohio. Eating dinner together in the Caf with the team and messing Bain’s food.

Favorite Quote:
Don’t wear shoes when you play if you can stand it. Do a little funky dance and bark like a seal every once in awhile. It makes the other team wonder. In my day, none could keep up with or take on Blood, except Brody. So work hard and have fun youngins.