#4 Reed Verdesoto

Position: D Line
Years w/ESN: A 2004-2005, B 2006
Major: Psych & English Lit
Hometown: Doylestown, PA
E-mail: reedverde AT gmail.com

So its a new year, and therefore, time for a new bio. So first with the personal. Im in the band Halfway to Somewhere with the guys back home. Their fist album came out a bit ago with out me on it, but with a lot of my input. Check out the music of the first album at www.halfwaytosomewhere.com I am working at WPTS 92.1 University of Pittsburgh Radio Station doing live recordings and production. I will also get my own Radio show so that i can put great music out on the air waves, and not this crappy mtv, billboards produced music. You can see my discontent with popular music. But music is a huge half of my life. The other half is Ultimate, at least since 11th grade. When your a handler all of you High school Career, its kinda hard to break the habbit of picking up the disc, and even harder to become something else because your not the best. Well after a year with ESN, Ive kinda found my nich, and im ready to be the best there is at that job. This team has the ability to be a specialized, efficient machine, and everyone has the potential to be the best and the deadliest player on the field. I cant wait to see my team mates destroy teams and leave them the dust. We are En Sabah Nur, and Apocalypse on the Field

I’ve been playing ultimate for a while now, and I’ve been doing music even longer. And I have found that I don’t really like people in music, cause its all about them, and it’s a bad atmosphere. But in ultimate, there is a brotherhood, a real team, where everyone wants you to succeed, because if you don’t, the team is hurt. There’s not one person who is the star, there are so many more people involved and in the spotlight. I love ultimate because it’s a family. Now if I could get an answer on what position I’m gonna play, that would help, cause Brent tells me one thing, Sean tells me another, and Brody tells me I suck and I need to paint the house. All I have to say is buy my album, cause “Seans a D***” is gonna be on it, and it’s a wonderful song. Just remember “I Have Never Been Hit” Lets Go En Sabah! ARE YOU READY TO ROCK BK BROILA?!!!